hearty salads…

our salads are a meal all to themselves!  fresh greens, veggies, croutons & warm focaccia… unless otherwise noted. choose from: homemade blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, creamy caesar, hearty russian, parmesan peppercorn.

garden small 6 | big 9
all of our veggies, piled on greens
chef 13
loaded with veggies, roasted turkey, swiss, ham & egg on a bed of greens
wedge 9
the classic…crispy iceberg, fresh tomatoes, our blue cheese dressing, apple cider smoked bacon & blue cheese crumbles
caesar chicken 13
grilled chicken breast, crisp romaine, croutons & parmesan, tossed with our great creamy caesar, ringed with veggies
krista’s chicken salad 15
grilled chicken, granny smith apples, toasted almonds, cranberries, gorgonzola, veggies, crispy onions with balsamic vinaigrette
mediterranean tortellini 13
three cheese tortellini with balsamic vinaigrette, mixed olives, feta, artichoke hearts, & veggies nestled on a bed of greens
pesto chicken 15
grilled chicken, pesto, fresh mozzarella slices, tomatoes & crispy romaine
buffalo chicken 13
grilled chicken breast with our own famous zesty buffalo sauce & blue cheese crumbles



wings 10
whole crisp wings, tossed with your choice of sauce; sweet chili, blue buffalo, jamaican jerk or bbq slather
big bowl of chips 10
homemade thin sliced potato chips with scallion & apple cider bacon and choice of gorgonzola cream or sour cream
chicken nibblers 8
hand breaded crispy chicken strips… perfect for dipping, choose from bbq, sweet chili, blue cheese or parmesan peppercorn sauce
sweet chili yummlets 7
‘yummlet’ may not be a word, but when you try them, you’ll understand. served with flour tortilla strips + our sweet chili dipping sauce
tuscan quesadilla 10
served with sour cream, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto & caramelized onion
house chili cup 6 | bowl 9
beef, beans & our own recipe, topped with cheddar & diced red onion, served with crispy tortilla chips
made fresh with melted cheddar in a flour tortilla with sides of sour cream & salsa

just cheese… 7
blackened chicken & black bean salsa… 10
homemade chili… 10

our own tortilla chips layered with melted cheddar, served with sour cream & our salsa

just cheese… 8
blackened chicken & black bean salsa… 10
homemade chili… 10
add jalapeños to any… 1




all of our sandwiches are handcrafted & served with house made B&B pickles & freshly made slaw or hand cut fries or upgrade to sweet potato fries for 1.50

pulled pork 10
tender roasted pork simmered in krista’s bbq slather, piled on a bulkie, served with slaw and fries, we suggest mounding the slaw on the sandwich!
harvest 10
if you’ve ever been to krista’s for lunch you’ve had this one… turkey, apples, homemade cranberry on grilled multigrain with melted cheddar
reuben 10
our own double cooked corned beef or turkey piled with sauerkraut, on grilled rye with swiss… choose russian or whole grain mustard
muffeletta 10
an array of fine italian deli meats, provolone, artichoke heart & olive relish, all piled on homemade focaccia & oven toasted
rachel (reuben’s little sister) 10
corned beef or turkey piled with our slaw on grilled rye with swiss… choose russian or whole grain mustard
northender 10
hot capicola, salami, tomato, roasted red peppers fresh mozzarella, & caramelized onion on focaccia served with a side of whole grain mustard or balsamic
smoked turkey 9
with lettuce, caramelized onion, roasted red peppers & herbed cream cheese on focaccia
caesar chicken club wrap 10
grilled chicken, crisp bacon, parmesan,
tomato & caesar dressed greens
california club 11
turkey breast, avocado, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & roasted garlic mayo on focaccia
poultrygeist 10
this one’s friendly… crispy fried chicken nibblers, all with lettuce, tomato & red onion on a bulkie, your choice of: sweet chili, jamaican jerk, blue buffalo, thai peanut bbq with melted provolone
marinated roast beast 9
oven roasted to medium rare, swiss, red onion, lettuce & tomato with horseradish mayo; your choice of focaccia, bulkie or wrap
the portabello 9
marinated , grilled & topped with provolone,
red onion, lettuce & tomato & jalapeño mayo on focaccia
beast boursin 9
our beast with lettuce, caramelized onion,
roasted red peppers & herbed cream cheese on focaccia
mediterranean veggie wrap 9
all our veggies wrapped with feta, balsamic
& our artichoke heart & olive relish
blue beast 9
our beast, wrapped with lettuce, tomato, red onion & blue cheese crumbles, served with a side of our blue cheese dressing for dipping
crab cake wrap 12
mike’s grilled crab cake, lemon aioli, baby spinach, tomato & onion
pesto grilled cheese 9
tomato, fresh mozzarella & pesto on french bread or multigrain… add bacon 1.75
plain old grilled cheese 7
simple, but delicious!
pesto chicken sandwich 10
whole grilled chicken breast, pesto, tomato, lettuce, red onion, roasted garlic mayo & fresh mozzarella on focaccia
bacon, tomato & cheese 9
grilled like my gram used to make… crisp bacon, tomato, choice of american, cheddar or swiss on rye, multigrain or french bread




10oz of angus beef, grilled to your liking, on a bulkie with lettuce & tomato, served with house made B&B pickles & fresh made slaw or fries… upgrade to sweet potato fries for 1.50

plain jane
like it says
chilli cheddar
we’ll bring the extra napkins
good old cheese
your choice of cheddar, swiss, american, or blue cheese
buffalo 1
buffalo sauce, crumbled blue cheese & blue cheese dressing for dipping
mushroom bacon cheese
sautéed ‘shrooms, crisp bacon & cheese
pesto, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers & caramelized onions
bbq bacon cheese
bbq slather, crisp bacon & choice of cheddar, swiss, american or blue cheese
blue cheese bacon
crisp bacon & blue cheese, blue cheese dressing on the side for dipping

house made chickpea & brown rice cake with grilled feta, tomato mint chutney, with lettuce served on focaccia

we have to say it, the USDA suggests that we kill your burger, then beat it with a large stick. really, the USDA says that eating partially cooked/undercooked meats may increase the likelihood of illness


char grilled big beef dog
kosher, snappy & in a grilled roll… ask for yellow or whole grain mustard, relish or minced red onion

plain old dog
chili cheddar
fresh saurkraut


we have a fully stocked bar, wide variety of beer and a thorough wine list.

we serve milk, juice, soda, lemonade, organic tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and still and sparkling water.

our coffee is expertly roasted by carrabassett coffee in kingfield, maine and is delivered weekly to assure that we are providing the freshest & we aren’t afraid to say, the best, coffee around.