the basic
we’ll scramble, fry or poach ‘em with toast

a three egg masterpiece… served with hearty toast… see omelet & scrambled options below

scrambled option
scramble three eggs… see omelet & scrambled options below’

omelet & scrambled options

cheddar, swiss, american, feta OR herbed cream cheese
fresh mozzarella or gorgonzola
three meat
chili, cheese & sour cream
ham, bacon, sausage, portabello, baby spinach, pesto
steak tips OR corned beef hash
broccoli, mushroom, onion, tomato, peppers, salsa
jalapeños, sour cream, extra cheese

egg sandwich 3.95
with ham, sausage, bacon or grilled veggies & your choice of cheese, on a bagel, english muffin or toast


hearty oatmeal
thick cut oats, milk & brown sugar

add: raisins, walnuts or blueberries | banana
fresh strawberries or blueberries (in season)

homemade with raisins, nuts & coconut, with milk or plain organic stonyfield yogurt

add: fresh strawberries or blueberries (in season)

fresh fruit…

bowls are perfect for sharing with the table before the whole breakfast is served. fruit will always be changing but usually consist of melon, pineapple, grapes, banana & berries

fresh fruit 4.95 (cup) | 8.95 (bowl)
fresh fruit, granola & yogurt 8.95
try it with a side of nutella too! 1.50


some items run out fast, gotta get here early!

thick country ham 3.25
sausage links (4) or patties (2) 2.95
butcher cut bacon (3) 2.95
prime rib tips 4.25
our own corned beef hash 3.95

from the griddle…

hearty french toast
thick slabs of our own french bread or our cinnamon raisin with a little secret family recipe…
3 slices 6.95 | 2 slices 5.25 | 1 slice 3.50

stuffed french toast 7.95
take two slices of our french toast, your choice of bacon, ham or sausage & layer with cheddar, swiss or american
nutella stuffed french toast 8.50
filled with nutella choclate & hazelnut, sliced bananas & topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with powdered sugar

griddle cakes

airy, huge & buttermilk
3 cakes 4.95 | 2 cakes 3.95 | 1 cake 2.95
wild maine blueberry, raspberry or mixed berry
3 cakes 6.95 | 2 cakes 5.25 | 1 cake 3.95
raspberry granola cakes
3 cakes 6.95 | 2 cakes 5.25 | 1 cake 3.95

belgian style waffle
crispy & delicious, served with whipped butter

plain 5.95warmed blueberry or blackberry waffle 6.95
fresh fruit waffle… ask for choices 7.95
peanut butter & sliced banana waffle 7.95
side of nutella 1.50
topped with whipped cream 75
oak hill farm’s 100% pure maple syrup 1.75
sugar free syrup 1.50


grilled homefries

plain 1.95
cheddar 2.95
cajun: onions, peppers, cajun spice 2.95
cajun cheddar 3.50
mexican: onions, peppers, cheddar & salsa, sour cream 3.95
deluxe: bacon, cheddar, sour cream 3.95
smasher cakes: not quite homefries but you’ll like ‘em 2.95
sawyer’s: cajun meets mexican 3.95

baked goods…

baked goods…
baked daily, we run out quickly, ask your server for varieties



plain or everything, toasted or grilled, with plain or herbed cream cheese, or extra crunchy peanut butter

english muffin
toasted or grilled

homemade thick cut toast
wheat, white, raisin, multigrain or new york style rye


we have a fully stocked bar, wide variety of beer and a thorough wine list.

we serve milk, juice, soda, lemonade, organic tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and still and sparkling water.

our coffee is expertly roasted by carrabassett coffee in kingfield, maine and is delivered weekly to assure that we are providing the freshest & we aren’t afraid to say, the best, coffee around.