wings 10
whole crisp wings, tossed with your choice of sauce; sweet chili, blue buffalo, jamaican jerk or bbq slather
big bowl of chips 10
homemade thin sliced potato chips with scallion & apple cider bacon and choice of gorgonzola cream or sour cream
chicken nibblers 8
hand breaded crispy chicken strips… perfect for dipping, choose from bbq, sweet chili, blue cheese or parmesan peppercorn sauce
sweet chili yummlets 7
‘yummlet’ may not be a word, but when you try them, you’ll understand. served with flour tortilla strips + our sweet chili dipping sauce
tuscan quesadilla 10
served with sour cream, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto & caramelized onion
house chili cup 6 | bowl 9
beef, beans & our own recipe, topped with cheddar & diced red onion, served with crispy tortilla chips
made fresh with melted cheddar in a flour tortilla with sides of sour cream & salsa

just cheese… 7
blackened chicken & black bean salsa… 10
homemade chili… 10

our own tortilla chips layered with melted cheddar, served with sour cream & our salsa

just cheese… 8
blackened chicken & black bean salsa… 10
homemade chili… 10
add jalapeños to any… 1