As a child, my parents owned country inns and later, restaurants that the entire family had a hand in running. I often joke that my parents cursed us; (both my sisters are also in the restaurant business… Jen, who owns a restaurant in Vermont, calls it genetic abuse)… I am of course continuing the cycle with my own children…we often end up doing what we know best. Joking aside, those same parents gifted me…we all know how it feels to nourish friends and family-I get to do it every day. Offering a meal that makes all in attendance sigh with fulfillment is pure delight… it is, in essence, why I live this crazy life.

Our family opened krista’s on May 19, 2004. We had been catering for about five years and were outgrowing our space. We felt that a restaurant was a natural progression but we knew that in order to be successful we had to be many things to many people, Cornish is a bit small for niche food! We started with breakfast and lunch, then moved on to dinner a couple months later. The plan worked! We have a thriving business that has grown by word of mouth, the best possible advertising possible.

We feel that a dining experience is made up of more than just food… it’s the atmosphere, the river off our back porch, the hibiscus blooming on the patio, the funky women’s room, the little toy soldier hanging in a plant, one-armed Godzilla keeping watch… but mostly, it’s the staff that knows my mission and executes it well. Our head chef Mike Pirinni makes sure that there are plenty of top notch specials available, Krista heads up the baking department and Tammy McNeil makes sure that all your servers are taking care of you in the best possible way… we think that our amazing crew is a giant part of what keeps customers coming back, introducing their family and friends to what we have here in Cornish. Come visit us and make sure you tell us why you came and how you enjoyed yourself!